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Q- Do I just place an order and pay?

A- Although the option is available, please first contact us before placing any online orders to make sure we have the stock available and allow us to give you a discount should it be applicable. The last thing we would want to do is take your money and not have the stock.

Q- Are delivery costs included?

A- Unfortunately delivery costs are not included, please contact us for a quote on delivery.

Q- Am I allowed to collect?

A- Yes, you are most welcome to collect or even send your own courier.

Q- Can I pay at Moolla Furniture?

A- We do not accept cash at our premises, but we do have card facilities if you wish to pay by card.

Q- When will my goods be delivered?

A- Due to the high rate of fraud, all goods will only be released for delivery/ collection when funds clear in our account and in accordance with specified lead times.

Q- Are goods readily available?

A- Most item are readily available, but naturally we might not have stock of everything at all times. Custom made goods are made to order and lead times apply.

Q- Who else buys from Moolla Furniture?

A- We supply a host of customers from wholesalers, to retailers and the general public.

Some of our customers who do not mind us mentioning their names are:


  • Alpha Primary School(Lenasia)
  • Nirvana Secondary School(Lenasia)
  • Lenasia Muslim School (Lenasia)
  • Progress Primary School (Lenasia)
  • Fego- Trade Route Mall
  • 082carwash
  • Rump Cafe- Rustenburg
  • EW Tools
  • Clean Heat Solar
  • Highland Inn- Bethlehem
  • Milnerton Sports Club- Milnerton
  • iTEC Technologies
  • Capitec Bank- Florida
  • Ridgeway Racebar- Greenstone
  • Springs Secondary School
  • Techographics (Kimberley)
  • Senta Square (Standerton)
  • Bilaal Combined School (Lenasia)
  • Oriental Plaza Body Corp
  • Hlu Primary (Hluluwe)
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Primary (Johannesburg)
  • Hirschs Umhlanga
  • Houghton School
  • Zoo Lake Bowls Club
  • Math Homeschooling 
  • Eduinc (Fourways)
  • The Care Centre Orange Grove
  • St Martins School